Open for Business

 from October, 2012


Company Name

 Nishio T&M (HONG KONG) Company Limited


Business Offices

 Unit 6, 21st Floor, Midas Plaza, No.1 Tai Yau Street,  San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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 TELL: +852-2311-3362 FAX: +852-2331-9997


Description of business

  1. Lease, Rental, Sales and Repair of Tunneling and Mining Equipment
  2. Machine tool installation work, construction worker, civil engineering, concrete construction work, contracting.
  3. Supply of Temporary Labor based on Worker Dispatch Law



 HK$ 2,000,000  (as of June, 2017)



 NISHIO T&M Company Limited. (100% owned)


Financial Closing



Members of the Board

(Directors)Shunsuke Kita(Director General Manager)
Hidekazu Nishio (NISHIO T&M CO., LTD. President)
Naoki Aizawa(NISHIO T&M CO., LTD. Senior Managing)
Shinji Fuchita(NISHIO RENT ALL CO., LTD.
General Manager, president office)


Number of Employee

 3 (as of June, 2018)



  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


Main Line of Business

1) Drilling System: Jumbo Drill, Crawler Drill

2) Digging System: Large Scale Hydraulic Breaker Machine, 
           Twin Header (such as G75ATH)

3) Spraying System: Spraying Machine equipped with Air Compressor
              Shotcrete Machine with Erector

4) Construction Equipment for Tunneling:
          Small Rear Swing Radius Excavator
            with Short Boom Arm, Exhaust Emission Control Muffler
          Wheel Loader

5) Dump Truck for Tunneling: 25t – 30t Heavy Dump Truck

6) Batcher Plant for Shotcrete

7) Slurry Treatment Facilities: 30t/hr~

8) Electric Equipment such as Dry Type Transformer

9) Load Haul Dump

10) Concrete Mixer Truck(crawler type)